Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baronies, Friends and Officerships...

Its always good visit Northkeep. Outside of Mooneshadowe, my longest standing ties have always been with the Barony, and I have a lot of friends there. I got there tonight after driving from my office in Oklahoma City (two hours and twenty minutes, all said and done). I arrived, and spoke with some friends and the like, just general chatter, the truth be told.

About three minutes after the populace meeting was supposed to start, the herald still hadn't showed up, so His Excellency started asking around to see who would fill in for Kevin. Well, I must the reaction was rather amusing. He walked up to Mistress Talanna and Lady Zahava and quietly asked who between them would like to herald. Talanna replied to the offer without even batting an eyelash. “I'm retired and she's (Zahava) on vacation. There... go ask Ivo, he's a herald!”

Okay.. yes, I will freely admit that that was one of those warm fuzzy moments for me.

The meeting went over well without any problems or real shocks.

Afterwords, I ran into a good friend of mine. I am specifically leaving his name out for a reason, But I will say he is a good herald and a good friend. We spoke for a bit, and he mentioned that he wanted to apply for the NR herald's position, but was holding back because he knew I had applied and didn't ant to get me mad at him.

I laughed hard at that and told him to apply if he wanted to. At the regional level, we need good people, and if I didn't get it, then that means there was someone better for the job. We talked a little more on that thread and came to an agreement; If I get the job, he becomes my deputy and backs me up. And if He gets it, I become his deputy and back him up, as well as learn more about the job. As far as I'm concerned, this is a win/win station for me; if I get it, I get it. If not, I get to be an active deputy and can be that much better prepared when I apply next time.

And besides, if I don't get it, I'll still have List heraldry at 30 th year, and a whole bunch of little stuff I can do here and there.

I'm actually liking life right now. And getting the Northern Regional heralds position isn't going to make or break that fact.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk

Protégé to Master Robert Fitzmorgan

Kingdom of Ansteorra

“God Save the King!”

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