Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Northkeep Feburary Populace

Well, I managed to make it, yet again, to Northkeep's Populace meeting. It was good to see people again, but attendance was pretty sparse thanks to a new outbreak of the flu.

It was only Her Excellency Kalandra, so I got her open a one person court, another first for me. They managed to press through what business they had in record time, I closed the court after 28 minutes, I think.

The only other item of note Lord Kevin. Hes fresh out of the hospital with heart issues, and yet still managed to come to the meeting. He's got the work ethic of a pack mule; too stubborn to die, and too stubborn to slow down. But then again, I can see why Northkeep likes him. I hope he get well soon. I told Kalandra that while I wanted to herald for Northkeep, taking the job from a deceased herald is a little extreme, even for me. Also, during his report, Kevin Identified me as his "deputy of record" which is a major boon to me, because it recognizes the relationship I am trying to solidify with Northkeep.

Other than that, it was a quiet night.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Province of Mooneschadowe
of Ansteorra
"God Save the King!"

Sunday, February 24, 2008

NR Tribute & WWM : heralding.

Okay, after a morning of fun in high order, I did indeed sit down with some people and do Heraldry related work.

The first item of business was speaking with Lady Siobhán about my being her deputy (Northern Regional Herald). The conversation was long, but informative. As it stand right now I don't
have a lot to do, but if it were to fall to me now, the learning curve would be insurmountable. I am not more convinced than ever than I need to become warranted, and I need to become proficient in book heraldry.

But this turned out to be okay, because as I was decided this Emma waived her hands at me in something resembling the casting of a spell and chanted at me "come to heraldry nights, we will teach you things."

As soon as this was said, I got a tap on the shoulder from his lordship Etienne, and promptly waived two fingers across my face (ala Obi-Wan Kenobi) and says in a mystical voice "I am not the herald you are looking for." and then "You do not see me here talking heraldry." (all joking aside, Its a well established fact that Etienne is a busy man outside the SCA, and he should keep his home and family ahead of the SCA.)

But in any event, I was glad to have the resources made available to me. So for right now, I am looking to get warranted, and to become proficient as a book herald.

I can be loud, now lets see if I can be educated.

A little later on, I was getting ready to set up for feast when the head server for feast, Lady Muirenn, (also the Norther Regional Chronicler) came up to me and goes "Ivo, my herald never arrived and I need somone to herald the removes as they are served. Can you help us out, please." I, of course, agreed, I like doing stuff like that and am glad to do it when ever I can.

I have to admit, I have never heralded a feast before, but I didn't expect it to be very complicated, and it wasn't. But it was a lot of fun, and I like DOING stuff at event's, rather than just sitting at feast and eating. I got to to talk with the Feast steward a little as well, Her Excellency Audrella of Eldern Hills, and work with her a little bit, though I mostly answered to Muirenn. I got to socialize with servers, talk to the head cook, and hang around. And when I was calling the feast, let their be no mistake, my announcements were heard clearly! :)

In the midsts of this I was also helping to wrangle my son, as well as help locate the owner of a set of misplaced car keys. When it was all over though, I was happy with the job I had done, and both the head server and the feast steward were thrilled with my help. So, mission accomplished.

But in all, as a herald I call the event productive.

Also, on a highly related note, I am glad to announce that four of our newest members; Voigna, Erable, Eric, and Feodora have gotten their AOAs. Nickolaus Got a Thistle for leatherwork, and Sir Jean Paul got A Star of Merit for his service to the kingdom. As rank goes, the Star is redundant as he is already a peer, but I am thrilled that his service is being recognized.
Vivat to all.

Addendium (March 4th, 2008): Two awards were read into law, but their recepients were not there, so, now that they have formally been presented with their awards (March Populace meetings), I can post that Lord Ollj Perala, and lady
Mylisant de Impinton received thistles for pewter casting and Fiber arts respectively. Vivats to them both.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Province of Mooneschadowe
Kingdom of Ansteorra
"God Save the King!"

Norther Regional Tribute & Winter War Maneuvers

Well, as events go, I can categorically say that NR tribute and Winter War Maneuvers was a success. All told, I think the various fund raisers totaled over $5,000 between them. Activities included a carnival (with a Jail, but I'll get to that later) a raffle, a feast server auction, a chocolate and sweets sale, and a tavern. I don't remimber all the numbers specifically, but Lady Zubeyda's Chocolate sale totaled well over $500, and the raffle at the end of the day was well over $1800. I don't remember the total's from the event but I am certain that they broke $2,500 after expenses, and that doesn't include the feast server auction, which I think I heard
brought something in the lower tipple digest range. In all, it was an absolute blast.

The intended recipients of the day's proceeds included a fund for making more centurion's cloaks, the Kingdom Newsletter, Gulf War's Waterbarrers and a few other's that I can't recall off the top of my head. But the kingdom newsletter was the big one from what I remember.

Mooneschadowe did well, and JP reported that the fighter practice (Winter War Maneuvers) was also a success. I didn't see too much of it, but the reports were mostly positive.

I do need to comment on the Jail before I go much farther. Her Excellency Namron was running the activity, and what you did was walk up to the jailer, give him a ticket ($0.50) and accuse someone of some "crime". At that point, the baronial Guard (and some teen aged conscripts) would go out, arrest the person, and then toss them into the makeshift brig. If you want to get out, you could post bail (match or beat the total price paid to put you in their in the first place) or just do your time... or escape. Well, things got going with someone arrested HE Kalandra. Master Robert Fitsmorgan set out to get the Northkeep baronial Guard in order to rectify the issue. I decided to complicate that plan. I ran to the jailer's booth and paid a ticket to have Robert arrested. As soon as I did that, I looked over my shoulder and saw Master Beorhtlic stalked up the aisle with a firm resolve in his eyes. I quickly fished out another ticket and told the jailer to add Beorhtlic to the list as well.

Beorhtlic walked into the cell, check to see that his Baroness was okay, and then walk out and faced HE Muriel. "I am here to negotiate for Her Excellencies Release".

Muriel smiled and then put her plastic made into his chest. "thats just fine, but you can do it from about three steps back, because your under arrest too."

Robert was added to the lot about a minute later, and I then quickly made myself scarce. It didn't take long for someone to spring them and a few minutes later I saw Robert leading Mureil and her guards in my direction. With my son in hand (my turn to watch him) I made a quick escape out the back doors. The whole thing culminated in a foot pursuit around the carnival before I and my Son were corner and tossed into the brig. I stayed there for about twenty minutes before I realized that none was watching me. The "bars" of the jail were ten poles put up in a rack that held them. I found a loose one and managed to pull it out unnoticed. As soon as the jailer turned his Back, I belly flopped out through the open bars, under a table, and out the
door, son in hand. As escapes go, I was actually pleased, and I had no small number of people cheering me on as I went.

About half an hour later, my luck ran out and Muriel's guards again cornered me. This time I was without my son (Mom's turn to watch him) and was again stuck in the jail. They hadn't even bothered to fix the bar I pulled out, but I decided not to try it again. Shortly after this, Master Beorhtlic returned and asked how I could get out. They told them that If I could post a ticket to match the ticket spent to get my warrant, I could leave. I promptly pulled out a stack of sixteen
tickets and declared "good, than see how log this will keep him in for!"

Well, that stood for about half an hour before the Jailer took pity on me and let me slip out the front door "unnoticed". Beorhtlic wasn't happy, but I was free.

So, about an hour later I was walking by and noticed that HE Muriel had left her coronet on the table and unguarded. I grabbed it, handed it off to Kalandra for safe keeping and then calmly strode away. This time the pursuit didn't take long to develop, i was outside when I heard one
of the doors open and someone say "there he is! Get him!"

It quickly turned into a high speed chase thought the fighter practice in the next building, and then around the building more than once before I ran out of breath and was cornered after a wrong turn.

I was back in the impromptu stockade for a while catching my breath before I even thought about an escape. My Plan was to use the fact that only I knew where the Coronet was as leverage, but when I got there, Kalandra had already handed it back, and toasted any hope I had of getting out soon.

However, that didn't last too long. I managed to distract the guard for a few minutes, and when he turned his back, I booked. :)

I was out and about for a little while before the oldest of the teen-aged jailer saw me and tried to arrest me for bragging about breaking out of jail more than once. This time I willingly went
along... except that I had grabbed the jailer and slung him over my shoulder in the process, carrying him across the carnival like a little hid, and getting applause for my efforts.

But it was ack to the jail where I sat for another half an hour before some ten year olds took pity on me and sprung for my bail ( I swear I didn't ask, they just thought I looked pathetic always being in there). So out I went.

I stopped playing after that, mostly because I was too tired and had to take care of my son, but the morning was an absolute blast with the whole thing.

I do hope to see more Jails in the future, they are a lot of fun.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Province of Mooneschadowe
Kingdom of Ansteorra
"God Save the King!"

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kingdom A&S

Well, now that I have some time, I should go ahead and give Kingdom A&S a full treatment review.

As far as events in general go, this one was mellow; no fighting, no running around, no trying to coordinate ten different things at once. All that we really had going on was the A&S competition, a lunchtime sidebar and and short court that afternoon. As a heraldry event, it was light, easy and not much to brag about.

However, that is not to say that it wasn't eventful for me on a personal level. I spoke with Lady Siobhán ingean Tigernaich, Seneschal of the Canton of Skorragardr, and the Northern Regional Herald.

The Northern Regional herald is effectively a paperwork job, Little authority, lots of administration. She serves as an mid-level managed to help make the job of the Star principal Herald that much easier to deal with. I don't know much more than that, but I know that being a herald is no simple task, and that a regional herald is a good way to get administrative experience, but not court experience as a rule.

So, when Lady Siobhan offered me a job as her "ER Deputy" (read, 'Drop Dead Deputy: If she has a heart attack, I'm supposed to be able to pick up where she left off. no pressure) I told her at the event that I would have to think about it some. It wasn't the type of decision that I wanted to jump into, and it isn't the type of decision deserves any less that my total commitment one way or the other.

Ill go ahead and spoil to for you, however. My wife and I spoke at length and she said that I would be an idiot not to become the Deputy NR herald. It was exactly the type of thing that I needed; the ability to learn the office and its requirements before actually trying to take it over. So, early this morning I E-mail Lady Siobhan and agreed to the deputyship. Unless she steps down any time soon, I still have well over a year before that office opens up again.

Well, with that conversation over, I also spoke to her about training some of her group's people in site and list heraldry. Its not unreasonable for me to make a trip down their every so often. and If I weren't traveling to Northkeep every month I might even make it a regular thing, but I need to keep my constant physical presence in the three northernmost baronies, that is where my primary objective of Heralding experience will be served. She agreed to ask, and I think some will be interested, so thats looking like a good chance for me to do my thing.

Site heraldry, as it were, consisted of a bunch of two point heralds for the two rooms in the main building. Not challenging in the least, but I did get to have some fun with a few announcements.

Example 1:
"Hear ye, Hear ye! If their are any members of the Merry Musicians of Mooneschadowe present, I need you to come here... Um... now!"

Randome person in the audience:
"How about saying please?"

"The message didn't come with a "please" in it. Hang on a second." --I turn and ask the person who asked me to herald if I should say "please", they answer "no".--"Nope, the message definitely did not come with a please. So all members of the merry Musicians of Moonschadowe had better get their butts over here now."

Example number 2:
"Hear ye, Hear ye! The Kitchen staff would like to inform the people present for the third time this afternoon that if you leave the event in the least bit hungry, its your own fool fault, their is still plenty of food left in the kitchen."

Later on I did get to Herald for the Court, though not actually as the baronial herald. I was reading a scroll for the royal court, a small privilege that Master Modius, the Golden Staff herald, extends to local heralds when he thinks the learning experience is worth it. I have to admit that Modius isn't one of my favorite people, but I have come to respect the man and learn a lot about him over the years, and I am glad to say that my dislike of him has faded away over time. We still have personalities that need never be locked in a room together, though. But I can say that about a lot of people. even some in Mooneschadowe.

Also, on a personal note, I want to point out that my Wife was finally made a member of the order of the Iris of Merit for her work in illumination and the scribal arts. This finally makes her a Grant level award holder, and therefor affords her the title of "Ladyship" or "Honorable lady."

I got a lot out of the event, most importantly a potential path to take to help make my goals a reality. And on a secondary note, a good kick in the but to make it happen.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Province of Mooneschadowe
Kingdom of Ansteorra
"God Save the King!"

Something special

Well, I'm back from Kingdom A&S, and as heralding goes, it was one of those lightweight events. Their excellencies didn't have a court, so I didn't herald for them, but I did stand up there and look imposing during the royal court.

I did, however, get to do something important. I got to read the Award of Arms scroll for Judy, known now as Lady Jutte Vanderburgh. I got to read the scroll with her kneeling before the queen, not ten feet away from me. I got to be part of one of those special moments for a person that I know and count as a friend.

(And yes, that's me in the background with the Red headpiece)

I guess in the end, thats why I play this game, and that's part of why I
love being a herald. We are the ones who do the formalities that tell
the world that "yes, yes this person did make it this far, and we are
going to make it official before God, man and all creation."

That is something special.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Province of Mooneschadowe
Kingdom of Ansteorra
"God Save the King!"

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sending out an S.O.S.

Well, at about 10:05 Friday night I got an E-mail from Lord Kevin, the
Northkeep Baronial herald. In short, he said he was suffering from a
sore throat and wasn't confident that he would be able to herald at
Kingdom A&S Saturday in Tulsa. He e-mailed me and asked if i could help.

Considering that this is just the type of think I want to do right now,
partly to be noticed by people outside Mooneschodwe, and partly because
I do want to help Northkeep out, it looks like this will be a chance for
me to help Northkeep out.

I don't know if that means Ill be heralding for the Baronial court, And while I really want to, if I do or not is irrelevant. I love heralding, and I want to do it, and I want to Help Northkeep out.

BTW, its Saturday morning, about 12:45 as I write this--- I need to go to bed.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Province of Mooneschadowe
Kingdom of Ansteorra
"God Save the King!"

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wise words from an old friend

I made it to Namron's Populace meeting last night without any major hassle, and true to form their meeting was part court and part dinner party as the whole groups ate food, talked and tended to business, all at the same time.

However, the real noteworthy thing about the whole meeting for me was a brief chat I had with an old Friend, Master Ulf Gunnarsson. I related to him the details of the 'conversation' I had a few weeks ago with one gentleman I know rather well. The crux of the chat was that this person was convinced that I should not do my podcast (and it was implied that I should stop traveling to all the groups in the north as well) because all I would do is say the wrong thing and embarrass myself and get people mad at me.

Well, Ulf listened to me talk for a bit, and then offered this reply.

"You know, Ivo. I have to agree. You will eventually screw up and get someone mad at you, maybe even a lot of people. But how does doing a podcast change that, and how does that set you apart from anyone else? I mean, you run that risk any time you open your mouth... we all do."

Ulf and I disagree on a great many thing, but true to form, I still count him as a friend, and still treasure his opinion, the above being an excellent example of why. His wisdom, intelligence, respect and experience have made him the type of person that I am proud and fortunate to call a friend.

I was so upset because I wanted to be right, and in a lot of respects I was; I knew I should do my podcast, and I still believe that. But more to the point, I got wrapped around the axle at the idea that someone was convinced that I would screw up, when the fact of the mater is that we all screw up eventually. What sets me apart from a lot of my critics is that, from what i can see, I am making an effort to grow, learn, and use what skills I have, while they are just content to remember me has I was three, five or even eight years ago.

Wise words, wise words indeed Old friend.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Province of Mooneschadowe
Kingdom of Ansteorra
"God Save the King!"

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blast from the past.

I remimber watching a tape of this with my wife because we were out when it was aired. A good bit of Mooneschaodwe made it into the final cut ( including me) even if for a grand total of like 4 seconds, I think. But none the less, this was one of my favorite wars,:Gulf Wars 9.

Anyway, this is as much a part of my SCA experience and motivation as heraldry. So I put it here for you to enjoy.

Oh, and by the way, the reason we (the Liondragon Guard) are screaming "Ansteorra" is because we just kicked some serious tail in the ravine battle, and we were on top of the world afterwards.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Province of Mooneschadowe
Kingdom of Ansteorra
"God Save the King!"

Back from Wiesenfeuer

Well, after getting back from Wiesenfeuer's populace meeting last night, I must say that they are always a fun group to hang out with. Master Lucais was managing the heralding for the evening, it seems that the deputy herald was busy with other matters, and the Barony still hasn't had a chance to formally replace Miles now that he is working in St. Luis.

But it was fun, and Lucais was in true form, which is always a sight to see.

I also heard how he got his Flaming weasel award from the Barony. Evidently he was heralding Wiesenfeuer's Baronial Court and was supposed to say something along the lines of "this does not open the court of her excellency Arafel, Baroness of Wiesenfeuer..." and so on. Well, he got as far as 'open the court' and then went "her excellency...Ba...Ba...Ba... Beevis."

No doubt about it, calling a sitting Baroness "Beevis" will get you places, though where those places are is up for speculation.

I also nudged His excellency Elric and Mater Lucais both about my willingness to teach Site and List heraldry to the Barony any time they would like. Trying to strike a balance between being annoying and politely 'persistent". Time will tell how that goes.

On a side note, however, Lucais also gave me a glowing review for my Podcast, so I was really, really happy to hear that, his opinion is one that I do listen to quite carefully.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Province of Mooneschadowe
Kingdom of Ansteorra
"God Save the King!"

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Not heraldry... but still

In a day and age of turbine powered tanks, and multi million dollar jet fighters, the art of combat grade horse riding has been lost to its descendants, mostly the practitioners of dressage riding.

So, when I see skill of this magnitude, and a horse this well trained, it DOES take me back to what the best knights and riders of the middle ages must have been capable of.

Just remember that every step and stride that horse is doing is descended from tricks and maneuvers that were meant to make a knight a killing machine on the battlefield of Europe.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Province of Mooneschadowe
Kingdom of Ansteorra
"God Save the King!"