Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Papers, pens, markers, and lots of e-mails...

Okay, it's been an  interesting week for me, heraldically, with a lot going on in the book herald aspect of things. More, in fact, that I really expected to see happen. 

First of all, I Finally managed to complete the documentation for a Reconstruction job I started the middle of last year. My client had a name and device submitted following Gulf Wars of two years ago, complete with a check, and the whole packet was lost by the local herald, along with all notes. After Much (and I do me "much") conversation online, and with the gracious help of Mistress Adelaide de Beaumont, we were finally able to reconstruct my client's name with satisfactory documentation. Fortunately, we did have record of her check being deposited in the local account, so that much, at least, was already taken care of.

Second. one of my other clients ran into some turbulence when her submitted arms were found to have a conflict with a previous college of arms ruling. (details located here). There was some mad scrambling on my part, but with some online collaboration, I was able to submit a corrected drawing without slowing down the process at all.

As a side note, I want to thank (and call out) Mistress Sofya La Rus from the Great Kingdom of Calontir for pointing me to "the Mistholme" as an improved heraldic reference. The information there was both very helpful when researching my situation, and doubly helpful when talking with my client about how we needed to proceed. This is definitely a page I will keep marked for future reference.

Third, (now this is not in an chronological order, just the way my mind orders all of this), I was going over the latest Letter of Returns and Acceptances, more or less moments after it published, when I noticed that I recognized several names in "accepted" list. So, I got to tell a couple of good friends the good news. None of them were my clients, mind you, but I do enjoy being able to give people good news when I can.

Fourth , I got to do a "on the fly" consult when another friend IM'ed me and asked if she was reading a blazon correctly. The photo she sent me wouldn't load, so I pulled out my heralds kit (in the middle of a cub scout committee meeting), sketched what the blazon looked like, colored it in and then shot her back a photo via text message saying "The photo wouldn't load, but this is this generally what you were asking about?" She was very happy for the confirmation.
Fifth, I got to send four submissions up to Asterisks this week. Now, I didn't personally send them up, not being an officer that was a job for the local senechal (we're between heralds at the moment), but I did put all the papers together and an itemized list for the recipient so there as no confusion.

And finally, I decided to spruce things up a little with my submissions. I included with the packet a letter of introduction to the new Asterisks herald. Nothing too fancy, mind you, just a bit of explanation of who I was and so forth. Since I am a bit of a unique entity in my kingdom, confusion is something worth forestalling where I can.

So, I write the letter, like what I see, and decide "what the hell" and add a line drawing of my arms and crest. After it was printed, I colored it in with crayola marker. The final result was rather striking, I have to say. 

-okay okay... this was the first draft, the one I sent in corrected the typos I missed-
I definitely think I will be doing this type of thing with letters and writing more often in the future.

HL Ivo Blackhawk

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