Friday, February 6, 2009

A Date and Time

Well, I received a call from the doctor's office today. They have set a date and time for my surgery.

I will need to visit the hospital sometime Tuesday the 24th so that they can type and match my blood, so that will be one trip down to OKC.

I'm not supposed to eat anything after midnight Tuesday, so I plan on making Tuesday night a good meal. No idea what it will be, but I'm thinking something beef :)

Anyway... I need to be at Integris Baptists Medical Center six or six thirty am Wednesday. That's when they admit me. The surgery is scheduled for 8:00 am, and evidently its supposed to last 4 hours, or at least that’s how long the operating theater is scheduled for. The surgery is supposed to be conducted laproscopically , but every time I talk to the doctor's office, they always (and I do mean always) say "but if anything changes, and they have to do an open surgery, that becomes more involved." You would think they would give me credit for having heard this mantra twenty or more times already... but I guess not.

After surgery, I will be moved to recovery until the doctor says I am stable (or something like that), and then I get moved to the Intensive Care Unit. I don't know how long I will be there, but I seem to remember someone saying I may spend the first night there. Evidently this is standard operating procedure for all post operative patients.

Hopefully, (and God willing) I will be moved to a regular hospital room sometime Thursday. I asked one time about when I might (and I even said "might") be able to see guests. The nurse practitioner who will be managing my recovery flat refused to even address the question. Shrug... I'll just have to see how that progresses.

I was told that the expected stay was five days (give or take) after surgery, and then they would discharge me to go home and rest there. This is--of course--dependant upon a million different things that no one has any control over. So with my luck, I might get a full ten day stay there. (God I hope not!)

So, that much is now set in stone, more or less. All of this could be derailed if the doctor is called up for a transplant, but the nurses aid said that they are usually able to reschedule the same day or the next if that comes up.

Am I still scared spit-less?


And I probably will be until this is past me. Fear, like all other emotions is part of the human experience and I am just dealing with it as best I can. Its not a debilitating fear, or one that is spiking my blood pressure or costing me sleep. But it is what it is, and its not pleasant.

All of that being said, the words of encouragement from my friends (including some I didn't even know I had) have been heartwarming to say the least. Its been has all be just a little surreal for me to see how many people there are who have taken the time to send in kind words. Say what you will, but it was a pleasant surprise at times for me.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Protégé to Master Robert Fitzmorgan
Province of Mooneschadowe
Kingdom of Ansteorra
"God Save the King!"


Anonymous said...

"General anesthesia" to me was like a game every time I went in to have knee surgery for football lol. The anesthesiologist was an OSU fan, thank god, and would tell me to count back from 10 and see how far I could get. After the third knee surgery I think I got down to around 6 or 5 before the "time to go to sleep juice" kicked in. It's nothing to be afraid of man, just know that there is a slight tingly sensation that goes up your arm when they inject it then it's lights out! All in all it's not too bad...

Magnús Bassi Magnússon of Mooneschadowe

Anonymous said...

Ivo, glad to hear they've got a plan of action, anyway. Anesthesia is... interesting. The first three times I came out of giggling. The last time, not so much so, but it still wasn't especially unpleasant. You'll do fine. Hang in there; things will get better!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and that last anonymous message was from Guni....

Anonymous said...

Man, I know I've been out of it for a while - I had no idea you were facing such serious issues.

General anethestia isn't as bad as you fear. I had it when I had a hernia operation when I was a kid. You come out of it feeling hung over - takes a day or two for the effects to wear off. If I were facing your situation, the anethestia would be the last of my concerns.

I know you say you don't need anything now. When the time comes and you feel like you could use some help, just ask. I don't pray - but if I did you'd be in my prayers.


OZwald said...

pleased to hear there's a plan of action, at least...
you're in our thoughts and our prayers, my friend.

SCACeleste said...

Well... I don't know what the surgery is because I haven't been keeping up with blogs... even those connected to me on LiveJournal. I saw your post on the Wiesenfeuer list/. I hope all goes well and I will keep you in my prayers.

Love you!!

Celeste (Who didn't realize she even HAD a blogger account until just now!!!)