Monday, September 29, 2008

Heraldry in Skorragarðr

Well, Saturday was no small day for heraldry in the north.

At about 10:00 am, Sarit's home in Skorragarðr was descended upon by no less than four people, an effort organized largely by myself at her invitation. Included in this group were my wife, (Iris in Illumination), Lady Emma De Feather Stone (Star for work in administrative and Book heraldry), Etienne, (star for Administratice and Court heraldry), and myself (professional loudmouth)

Emma started the day off with a hour long class on basic blazons and submissions. Most of the 15 or so adults present attended, and I hear nothing but positive feedback on the whole class.

After lunch (potluck, and I don't think anyone brought less than five pounds of food), Etienne went inside with some people to teach some court heraldry, and I stayed outsaide and taught the remainder an abridged class in Site heraldry.

Lilas never got to teach a formal, sit-down class, but she and Sarit both spoke at some length about illumination, and I am sure that more knowledge was passed in those words that most people realize.

In all, I think one of my first comments to my hosts still stands true, though. I told her that days like this are 10% about teaching and learning, and about 90% about meeting people and making contacts. That's a lot of what drived heraldry in the north as I see it, and I think that their is nothing wrong building up that type of network.

Some missives sent out about the class, for those who arn't on the requisite lists.


Greeting Lords and Ladies
You are here by invited to attend our Heraldic and Scribal Workshop, September 27th, 2008 at 10:00am. Two very special guests from the Province of Mooneschadowe will be here to lead these special classes.
Lord Ivo Blackhawk, herald at large, has agreed to travel from afar to teach his class, and give instruction, in the art of List Heraldry and Site Heraldry. If you have never had the opportunity to attend Lord Ivo's class then this is a perfect opportunity.
But wait, there's more, his lady HL Lillias MacGuffin will also be attending to offer her instruction and guidance in the Scribal Arts.
And also, a third guest will possibly be here to teach Book Heraldry. (Not yet confirmed)
But that isnt all. That day, September 27th 2008 just happens to my m'Lady, Sarait ingen Beathain's thirty something birthday. Thus, even if you are not inclined to the heraldic or scribal arts.. you can still come and wish her a happy birthday!!
No fee, of course, but this is at our home and we would like it if everyone that comes bring their own drinks and some food for a potluck. Tables and chairs might be a grand idea, as well. I would prefer you to RSVP me privately so we can have a headcount for planning purposes. Space is limited. Reply privately to with your RSVP so as not to clutter up the list and cause excessive fees for those with "pay per byte" internet service. Most activities will take place outside, weather permitting, so I would also encourage easy up tents.
Please join us for a fantastic day of heraldy, scribal, food, drink, and birthday spankings. LOL
Sæmundr inn skærr
Minister of A&S


Thank you to all that attended our little (larger than we expected) workshop this previous Saturday, September 27th in The Canton of Skorragardr.
Approximately 20 people attended this Heraldic and Scribal workshops and it was a great success. I believe that everyone was well fed, but more importantly it looked like there was a great deal of information that was passed from our wonderful instructors to willing students.
In particular I would like to thank:
Her Ladyship Lilias MacGuffin who past on information regarding the scribal and illumination arts.
Lord Ivo Blackhawk for his Site Heraldry class and for helping me cook the meal.
Her Ladyship Emma De Featherstone who taught a wonderful class on book heraldry and spoke about submissions.
and finally
His Lordship Etienne de Saint Amaranth who gave a great lesson on court heraldry, as well as, some one on one instuction on Viking tradition.
With appreciation and In service;
Sæmundr inn skærr


Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Protege to Master Robert Fitzmorgan
Province of Mooneschadowe
Kingdom of Ansteorra
"God Save the King!"

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