Sunday, January 25, 2009

Time off, a little more than expected.

My little vacation just got an extension. And unfortunately, its going to be a little more total than I had originally thought.

For starters, my computer died. This post is thanks to my wife letting me use her laptop. I am going to try and fix my computer, but that will take time and moment that I don’t have at the moment, so we shall see how that turns out.

Second, I am getting over a back to back infection of a stomach bug followed by a massive head cold that have moved to my chest. I have been sick for a week, and while I am much better now, I am still very, very worn our, congested and overall miserable. The final contributing factor to this is the fact that I am presently being treated for another condition with the drug prednisone. Prednisone is an immunosuppressant, meaning that my normally healthy, powerful, resilient body has a drastically reduced ability to defend itself against even the most basic of infections.


Last but not least, my personal health situation is getting more interesting by the minute.

-I just found out that I may have a form of liver failure that wont show up on any test or scan except a CT scan. So, guess what I will be doing next Friday?

-I finally got on the list for my surgery, after waiting for 3 months to even talk to the doctor, and am now looking forward to having my spleen pulled out in mid February. According to the doctor, the procedure will have me in the hospital for a week (give or take a few days) and is supposed to have me on home rest for three to six weeks. –we had a little chat about that last part, I made him aware that I don’t have anywhere near that much off time saved up from work. He said he understood, and he will make some considerations.

-Even if my surgery goes 100% according to plan, I was just told that I may still have to undergo treatment of one sort or another for the rest of my life. Oh joy!

-and to top it all off, they are also talking about doing a liver biopsy and pulling my gall bladder while there at it. I raised my hand at that and said “How about you pull the appendix while you there and make it a one stop chop?” That got some laughs.

-While all this is going on, I am going down hill ever so slowly. The fatigue is getting gradually worse, and right now I am waking up tired most of the time now. The cramping in my legs (a listed side effect of Prednisone) is costing me between two and four hours of sleep a night, depending on the day. When this whole mess started, I was just shy of two hundred and ninety pounds, Friday I weighed in at 361, and my knees are beat up enough that walking any distance or standing for more than a half an hour is just out of the question.

In short, I’m turning into an old man in many respects.

So, this is me signing off for a while. When my life looks a little more reasonable, and I feel like I can survive an SCA event or meeting, I will be back. But right now, I need to deal with my life with some semblance of a plan, and that plan stats with me putting my health and family first.

So, hopefully, Ill see everyone in April, or there abouts.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Protege to Master Robert Fitzmorgan
Province of Mooneschadowe
Kingdom of Ansteorra
"God Save the King!"

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