Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hard Decisions.

There are times when the best option at your disposal can best be described as the least bitter pill to swallow. I've had more than I care to already, and today was another one.

To date, I have worked to build my relationships within the SCA on the foundations of trust, respect, understanding and communications. I'm not saying that I have always succeeded, by any means. But none the less, that has certainly been my goal.

Now, I am setting out on a truly unique venture, the construction of a working relationship that has none of these at its start.

Advice is welcome, because I am going into this one blind.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
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Kingdom of Ansteorra
"God Save the King!

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Jennifer said...

It's not "simple" but -- put yourself out there. Accord the other person your trust (even if you don't think they've earned it, or if you don't trust them), and respect (ditto, or at least respect the position if not the individual in it). Try to be as clear as you can (for building that understanding), and as open as you can manage (for better communication). I personally tend to err towards the side of informality, but regardless of how you address someone, reread before sending (or rethink before speaking) to watch for things that could be inadvertently taken the wrong way.

You can read elsewhere what the phrase "being professional" means to other people. I prefer to always keep an optimistic view of things, and never look for or expect the worst of other people; sometimes that's harder than others, certainly, but it generally pays off in the end.