Monday, July 15, 2013


An update, for those who are interested in such things. Evidence that humor runs deep in Mooneschadowe.

From: A company of Heroes: An early History of the Liondragon Guard.

"Midway through [ Gulf Wars XIII (2004)], the Ansteorrian army awoke to find several plastic, blue and pink flamingo yard ornaments displayed around the kingdom’s Gate.  Revelations years later would implicate a group if intoxicated Trimaran squires who had liberated the plastic decorates from a “flock” that one trimaran knight in particular carried with him to events. The sight of the odd display the next morning left most of Ansteorra both scratching their heads as to the point of the display, and with little doubt as to what kingdom the flock needed to be returned to.

Liondragon, however, did not miss the opportunity  to one-up their adversary. After some creative conspiring between several guard members, including HE Gunhilda and Lord Charles, the guard stood ready to “return” the wayward trespassers to their rightful owners. When the guard marched to the Ravine battle that day, no less then four Flamingo’s were affixed to the unit’s armor; one as a makeshift Blue helmet crest (complete with duct tape blindfold and a cigarette in it’s beak), and another three duct-taped across scutums as “pink” decorations/ablative armor. No small number of odd looks were received between blows as Liondragon and Trimaris  vied for control of the Ravine that day."

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Kingdom of Ansteorra
"God save the King!"

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