Saturday, July 6, 2013

Some new tools and some news

As I rite this it is late and I am tired so I will keep this brief.

I have decided that my latest efforts are best documented on a more versatile web address than my blog. I have't published it yet, but I am within a day or two of launching my SCA heraldry website.

Included on this site will be several documents, including a large collection of my original SCA-centric works.

And on that note, my latest word is one step closer to fruition.

I have completed the first draft of my road heraldry paper, now currently called "Medium to large event Road Heraldry, and Instructional Manuel by Lord Ivo Blackhawk".

The present statistics are 27 pages without the appendix (which contains the notes the material is based on), 17263 words.  

One step closer!

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Kingdom of Ansteorra
"God save the King!"

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