Saturday, March 8, 2014

Gulf Wars

So, I am writing this from the back seat of my van, on my phone. Its late, but I knew it would be. We're just north of Dallas, and I've driven this far from Stillwater.

In the driver's seat now is Koke, a hard-partying young wealp to house wolfstar who adds the vulgar humor and high energy to our party. All told, he's good company, and I'm glad to meet him and have him staying with us.

Shotgun is Korrena, a total newcomer to the SCA. I know her from the anime crowd, and online. I mentioned Gulf to her a few weeks ago, and to my surprise she jumped at the offer. She's really a kindred spirit, and  is getting along smashingly well with everyone.

Wolf, a friend from times past when she was in Mooneschadowe, is here as well. Quieter than the rest, she's eager to be going, and has her armor and crossbow.
Jammed back in the last row is Uallaich (SP?), half sleeping now that the sun has set. A fellow mooneschadeen, and good friend, she's off to war for the second time.

There were some moments where I wasn't sure we were going to make it, especially with all of the bags. We're crammed in tight, little room left that isn't filled with stuff of one sort or another.

I should write more, but my eyes grow weak and. My hands hurt from working this phone.

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