Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Also of note last night...

Now that I have a little more time, I really think I should comment on one rather amusing but remarkable little incident from Northkeep's populace meeting last night.

Between the fatigue of Gulf Wars, and the call of the real world, a number of officers did not make it to the meeting. Not least amongst these was the Scenichal himself. Lady Elody filled in, but she arrived barely in time only to find out that this month was the first month for electronic newsletter deliveries, meaning that their was no newsletter for her to look at then and there, and she had no idea who were the current officers.

I just happened to have a copy (PDF format) in my e-mail address, but I had absolutely NO idea how to use the Libraries' computer system. Well, upon saying that out loud, Crystil Blackwolf-the 10 year old (I think) who just got her AOA chimed in that the library computers were easy to use and she could use them. I looked at her and asked "can you help me pull up my e-mail and print something if I open it for you.

I kid you not, she rolled here eyes and said "Well, of course!" So off we ran, alreay five minutes late, hoping to get the deputy scenichal the papers she needed to make it through the meeting. The Library computers didn't exact;y cooperate, but Cristal handled them like a champ, and after just a minute I had my copy of the Saga up ands ready to go. Realizing that I still had to get ready for my part of the meeting, I looked at Crystal and said "can you print these out and give them to Elody for me? I have to get ready to cry the meeting." Completely unphazed by my urgency, she nodded and gave me a reassuring thumbs up as she immediately went to work printing the newsletter. Just as I finished writing down my opening notes (No, I really don't like calling out a Baronial court unscripted, I'm not that good yet.) I saw Cristal come in with the printed newsletter and hand it to Elody, who looked all too happy to get it.

I've never underestimated someone because of their age, at least not beyond reason. but still, Cristal's zeal to help out is made that much better by her level-headedness. No, we didn't save the world, but I still think its important to note that she did help out where a lot of adults would likely have not been able to.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Province of Mooneschadowe
Kingdom of Ansteorra
"God Save the King!"

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