Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Northkeep's March Meeting.

Well, one thing I always have to say about Northkeep is that they know how to throw their hearts and soles into their work. If last night was any indication, Gulf this year was one of the best wars Ansteorra has ever had. Their were a lot of good stories, including one where one of the baronial guardsmen wound up passed out, on the dirt, at night, draped in the Baronial Ensign (flag), sleeping like a baby. (I am so putting that in the next edition of the Blackfeather News.)

I don't have any names with me as I write this, but I did hear that a bunch of prominent fighters from Northkeep were finally given awards that most people generally felt were long overdue---but aren't they all.

In terms of Heraldry, last night was notable for two reasons. The first was that I heralded again. Kevin made it, but was winded and said the job was mine if I wanted it--which I did. The second, Kevin has been asking for local deputies for a while now, and he finally got them. This is good news all around, he's having health issues, and doesn't want or need to be shouldering all of the baronial herald's responsibility alone, and the north needs more heralds more heralds, so this will let the knowledge grow some more. On specific note to me, Lord Talbot (spelling?) is evidently interested in learning court heraldry.

Don't get me wrong, Talbot is a local, and I am not. If he wants to do the job, I am honor bound to step aside and let him have it. I've already heralded a bunch of meetings for Northkeep, and its not like I am going to just forget what I have learned so far.

However, I do admit that I really miss the opportunity to herald any time I don' get the chance. its a careful balance between my ambition and my ego, and I always need to be vigilant about keeping the two in balance, or else my honor could pay the price.

But my petty complaints aside, it will be good to see more people learning heralding, and Kevin looks like he is glad for the help.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Province of Mooneschadowe
Kingdom of Ansteorra
"God Save the King!"

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