Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kingdom A&S

Well, now that I have some time, I should go ahead and give Kingdom A&S a full treatment review.

As far as events in general go, this one was mellow; no fighting, no running around, no trying to coordinate ten different things at once. All that we really had going on was the A&S competition, a lunchtime sidebar and and short court that afternoon. As a heraldry event, it was light, easy and not much to brag about.

However, that is not to say that it wasn't eventful for me on a personal level. I spoke with Lady Siobhán ingean Tigernaich, Seneschal of the Canton of Skorragardr, and the Northern Regional Herald.

The Northern Regional herald is effectively a paperwork job, Little authority, lots of administration. She serves as an mid-level managed to help make the job of the Star principal Herald that much easier to deal with. I don't know much more than that, but I know that being a herald is no simple task, and that a regional herald is a good way to get administrative experience, but not court experience as a rule.

So, when Lady Siobhan offered me a job as her "ER Deputy" (read, 'Drop Dead Deputy: If she has a heart attack, I'm supposed to be able to pick up where she left off. no pressure) I told her at the event that I would have to think about it some. It wasn't the type of decision that I wanted to jump into, and it isn't the type of decision deserves any less that my total commitment one way or the other.

Ill go ahead and spoil to for you, however. My wife and I spoke at length and she said that I would be an idiot not to become the Deputy NR herald. It was exactly the type of thing that I needed; the ability to learn the office and its requirements before actually trying to take it over. So, early this morning I E-mail Lady Siobhan and agreed to the deputyship. Unless she steps down any time soon, I still have well over a year before that office opens up again.

Well, with that conversation over, I also spoke to her about training some of her group's people in site and list heraldry. Its not unreasonable for me to make a trip down their every so often. and If I weren't traveling to Northkeep every month I might even make it a regular thing, but I need to keep my constant physical presence in the three northernmost baronies, that is where my primary objective of Heralding experience will be served. She agreed to ask, and I think some will be interested, so thats looking like a good chance for me to do my thing.

Site heraldry, as it were, consisted of a bunch of two point heralds for the two rooms in the main building. Not challenging in the least, but I did get to have some fun with a few announcements.

Example 1:
"Hear ye, Hear ye! If their are any members of the Merry Musicians of Mooneschadowe present, I need you to come here... Um... now!"

Randome person in the audience:
"How about saying please?"

"The message didn't come with a "please" in it. Hang on a second." --I turn and ask the person who asked me to herald if I should say "please", they answer "no".--"Nope, the message definitely did not come with a please. So all members of the merry Musicians of Moonschadowe had better get their butts over here now."

Example number 2:
"Hear ye, Hear ye! The Kitchen staff would like to inform the people present for the third time this afternoon that if you leave the event in the least bit hungry, its your own fool fault, their is still plenty of food left in the kitchen."

Later on I did get to Herald for the Court, though not actually as the baronial herald. I was reading a scroll for the royal court, a small privilege that Master Modius, the Golden Staff herald, extends to local heralds when he thinks the learning experience is worth it. I have to admit that Modius isn't one of my favorite people, but I have come to respect the man and learn a lot about him over the years, and I am glad to say that my dislike of him has faded away over time. We still have personalities that need never be locked in a room together, though. But I can say that about a lot of people. even some in Mooneschadowe.

Also, on a personal note, I want to point out that my Wife was finally made a member of the order of the Iris of Merit for her work in illumination and the scribal arts. This finally makes her a Grant level award holder, and therefor affords her the title of "Ladyship" or "Honorable lady."

I got a lot out of the event, most importantly a potential path to take to help make my goals a reality. And on a secondary note, a good kick in the but to make it happen.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Province of Mooneschadowe
Kingdom of Ansteorra
"God Save the King!"


mamamoira said...

I was happy to see (and hear) that you got to read at least one award in court. I was sitting in the very far back of the room, and you were easily audible and read the scroll quite smoothly.

About my only 'bad' comment would be - lose the coat. :) Or wear the tabard over it, entirely. Wearing anything over the tabard just looks odd.

mamamoira said...

(Oh, it's probably not clear -- the above comment was left by me.