Sunday, February 24, 2008

Norther Regional Tribute & Winter War Maneuvers

Well, as events go, I can categorically say that NR tribute and Winter War Maneuvers was a success. All told, I think the various fund raisers totaled over $5,000 between them. Activities included a carnival (with a Jail, but I'll get to that later) a raffle, a feast server auction, a chocolate and sweets sale, and a tavern. I don't remimber all the numbers specifically, but Lady Zubeyda's Chocolate sale totaled well over $500, and the raffle at the end of the day was well over $1800. I don't remember the total's from the event but I am certain that they broke $2,500 after expenses, and that doesn't include the feast server auction, which I think I heard
brought something in the lower tipple digest range. In all, it was an absolute blast.

The intended recipients of the day's proceeds included a fund for making more centurion's cloaks, the Kingdom Newsletter, Gulf War's Waterbarrers and a few other's that I can't recall off the top of my head. But the kingdom newsletter was the big one from what I remember.

Mooneschadowe did well, and JP reported that the fighter practice (Winter War Maneuvers) was also a success. I didn't see too much of it, but the reports were mostly positive.

I do need to comment on the Jail before I go much farther. Her Excellency Namron was running the activity, and what you did was walk up to the jailer, give him a ticket ($0.50) and accuse someone of some "crime". At that point, the baronial Guard (and some teen aged conscripts) would go out, arrest the person, and then toss them into the makeshift brig. If you want to get out, you could post bail (match or beat the total price paid to put you in their in the first place) or just do your time... or escape. Well, things got going with someone arrested HE Kalandra. Master Robert Fitsmorgan set out to get the Northkeep baronial Guard in order to rectify the issue. I decided to complicate that plan. I ran to the jailer's booth and paid a ticket to have Robert arrested. As soon as I did that, I looked over my shoulder and saw Master Beorhtlic stalked up the aisle with a firm resolve in his eyes. I quickly fished out another ticket and told the jailer to add Beorhtlic to the list as well.

Beorhtlic walked into the cell, check to see that his Baroness was okay, and then walk out and faced HE Muriel. "I am here to negotiate for Her Excellencies Release".

Muriel smiled and then put her plastic made into his chest. "thats just fine, but you can do it from about three steps back, because your under arrest too."

Robert was added to the lot about a minute later, and I then quickly made myself scarce. It didn't take long for someone to spring them and a few minutes later I saw Robert leading Mureil and her guards in my direction. With my son in hand (my turn to watch him) I made a quick escape out the back doors. The whole thing culminated in a foot pursuit around the carnival before I and my Son were corner and tossed into the brig. I stayed there for about twenty minutes before I realized that none was watching me. The "bars" of the jail were ten poles put up in a rack that held them. I found a loose one and managed to pull it out unnoticed. As soon as the jailer turned his Back, I belly flopped out through the open bars, under a table, and out the
door, son in hand. As escapes go, I was actually pleased, and I had no small number of people cheering me on as I went.

About half an hour later, my luck ran out and Muriel's guards again cornered me. This time I was without my son (Mom's turn to watch him) and was again stuck in the jail. They hadn't even bothered to fix the bar I pulled out, but I decided not to try it again. Shortly after this, Master Beorhtlic returned and asked how I could get out. They told them that If I could post a ticket to match the ticket spent to get my warrant, I could leave. I promptly pulled out a stack of sixteen
tickets and declared "good, than see how log this will keep him in for!"

Well, that stood for about half an hour before the Jailer took pity on me and let me slip out the front door "unnoticed". Beorhtlic wasn't happy, but I was free.

So, about an hour later I was walking by and noticed that HE Muriel had left her coronet on the table and unguarded. I grabbed it, handed it off to Kalandra for safe keeping and then calmly strode away. This time the pursuit didn't take long to develop, i was outside when I heard one
of the doors open and someone say "there he is! Get him!"

It quickly turned into a high speed chase thought the fighter practice in the next building, and then around the building more than once before I ran out of breath and was cornered after a wrong turn.

I was back in the impromptu stockade for a while catching my breath before I even thought about an escape. My Plan was to use the fact that only I knew where the Coronet was as leverage, but when I got there, Kalandra had already handed it back, and toasted any hope I had of getting out soon.

However, that didn't last too long. I managed to distract the guard for a few minutes, and when he turned his back, I booked. :)

I was out and about for a little while before the oldest of the teen-aged jailer saw me and tried to arrest me for bragging about breaking out of jail more than once. This time I willingly went
along... except that I had grabbed the jailer and slung him over my shoulder in the process, carrying him across the carnival like a little hid, and getting applause for my efforts.

But it was ack to the jail where I sat for another half an hour before some ten year olds took pity on me and sprung for my bail ( I swear I didn't ask, they just thought I looked pathetic always being in there). So out I went.

I stopped playing after that, mostly because I was too tired and had to take care of my son, but the morning was an absolute blast with the whole thing.

I do hope to see more Jails in the future, they are a lot of fun.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Province of Mooneschadowe
Kingdom of Ansteorra
"God Save the King!"

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