Sunday, February 24, 2008

NR Tribute & WWM : heralding.

Okay, after a morning of fun in high order, I did indeed sit down with some people and do Heraldry related work.

The first item of business was speaking with Lady Siobhán about my being her deputy (Northern Regional Herald). The conversation was long, but informative. As it stand right now I don't
have a lot to do, but if it were to fall to me now, the learning curve would be insurmountable. I am not more convinced than ever than I need to become warranted, and I need to become proficient in book heraldry.

But this turned out to be okay, because as I was decided this Emma waived her hands at me in something resembling the casting of a spell and chanted at me "come to heraldry nights, we will teach you things."

As soon as this was said, I got a tap on the shoulder from his lordship Etienne, and promptly waived two fingers across my face (ala Obi-Wan Kenobi) and says in a mystical voice "I am not the herald you are looking for." and then "You do not see me here talking heraldry." (all joking aside, Its a well established fact that Etienne is a busy man outside the SCA, and he should keep his home and family ahead of the SCA.)

But in any event, I was glad to have the resources made available to me. So for right now, I am looking to get warranted, and to become proficient as a book herald.

I can be loud, now lets see if I can be educated.

A little later on, I was getting ready to set up for feast when the head server for feast, Lady Muirenn, (also the Norther Regional Chronicler) came up to me and goes "Ivo, my herald never arrived and I need somone to herald the removes as they are served. Can you help us out, please." I, of course, agreed, I like doing stuff like that and am glad to do it when ever I can.

I have to admit, I have never heralded a feast before, but I didn't expect it to be very complicated, and it wasn't. But it was a lot of fun, and I like DOING stuff at event's, rather than just sitting at feast and eating. I got to to talk with the Feast steward a little as well, Her Excellency Audrella of Eldern Hills, and work with her a little bit, though I mostly answered to Muirenn. I got to socialize with servers, talk to the head cook, and hang around. And when I was calling the feast, let their be no mistake, my announcements were heard clearly! :)

In the midsts of this I was also helping to wrangle my son, as well as help locate the owner of a set of misplaced car keys. When it was all over though, I was happy with the job I had done, and both the head server and the feast steward were thrilled with my help. So, mission accomplished.

But in all, as a herald I call the event productive.

Also, on a highly related note, I am glad to announce that four of our newest members; Voigna, Erable, Eric, and Feodora have gotten their AOAs. Nickolaus Got a Thistle for leatherwork, and Sir Jean Paul got A Star of Merit for his service to the kingdom. As rank goes, the Star is redundant as he is already a peer, but I am thrilled that his service is being recognized.
Vivat to all.

Addendium (March 4th, 2008): Two awards were read into law, but their recepients were not there, so, now that they have formally been presented with their awards (March Populace meetings), I can post that Lord Ollj Perala, and lady
Mylisant de Impinton received thistles for pewter casting and Fiber arts respectively. Vivats to them both.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Province of Mooneschadowe
Kingdom of Ansteorra
"God Save the King!"

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